Ways to maintain your data list

Lead generation is the process of identifying and cultivating potential customers for a business. It involves collecting data about potential customers and using that data to create targeted marketing campaigns. However, data can quickly become outdated or inaccurate, which can negatively impact the effectiveness of lead generation efforts. Here are some ways in which data can decay and how to keep it up to date:

  • Outdated contact information: People move, change phone numbers, and switch email addresses all the time. If you don’t regularly update your contact list, you may be trying to reach people who are no longer at the same location or using the same contact information.
  • Inaccurate job titles: People change jobs or promotions within a company, and their job titles may change as well. If you have outdated job titles for potential customers, your marketing efforts may not be as targeted as they could be.
  • Incorrect company information: Companies may change their names, merge with other companies, or go out of business. If you have outdated company information, you may be targeting the wrong businesses or wasting time trying to reach companies that no longer exist.

Some common enquiries used to help prove your online identity.

  • Google Search Results
  • Knowledge Panels found in search results
  • Website presence
  • Website reported as spam
  • Social Media presence
  • Search Engine Visibility
  • Reviews or lack of reviews
  • Online Reputation
  • Branding and Marketing messaging
  • Your online identity

A Fact You Wouldn't Believe

Did you know that most websites get flagged as spam or untrustworthy just after they have been published? The reason is that it will have limited or no traffic, the owner cannot be verified, lack of Google searches and search results.


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