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Everyone deserves a little help. We have designed Community Pay it Forward to lend a hand, give a little hope, and move sales for our great Partners.

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At Fiscus Capital Funding, our passion is helping business owners and real estate investors secure the financial resources they need to be successful.

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Nancy Delain came later in life to the law. In a former existence, she spent 20+ years documenting invention as a technical writer and editor working with such companies as General Electric, 3M, Documentation Strategies, and Telub AB.

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I help organizations develop custom websites, and my ONE goal is to do the same with your organization by developing a custom website that is specifically catered to you and your organization’s needs.

Some common enquiries used to help prove your online identity.

  • Google Search Results
  • Knowledge Panels found in search results
  • Website presence
  • Website reported as spam
  • Social Media presence
  • Search Engine Visibility
  • Reviews or lack of reviews
  • Online Reputation
  • Branding and Marketing messaging
  • Your online identity

A Fact You Wouldn't Believe

Did you know that most websites get flagged as spam or untrustworthy just after they have been published? The reason is that it will have limited or no traffic, the owner cannot be verified, lack of Google searches and search results.


We do not accept calls if there is no caller id and to filter out robot calls, unsolicited calls, and spams you may find that you will need to leave a message on our voicemail, alternatively we would suggest using SMS, or one of the other options available on this page.